inHANCE Small Business

Utility Billing and Customer Information System

Sometimes in order to think big... you have to think small.

inHANCE Small Business utility billing and customer information management software levels the playing field for small utilities. Whether your utility serves one hundred or five thousand households, inHANCE Small Business can help your utility increase efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. We have the tools available that work along side Small Business, which include standard and custom bill forms, hardware, financial management software, and more.

Perfect for smaller communities seeking a low cost solution to meet their utility needs

inHANCE’s utility billing software is a full featured package allowing you to input metered and non-metered service data such as water or gas, sewer, garbage, refuse, any fee or charge you wish to bill and collect for. inHANCE Small Business utility billing software will calculate your customer bills and allow you to print postcard or statement bills on your laser or dot matrix printer. inHANCE Small Business has a user friendly work order and inventory system just made to fit the needs of smaller utility companies. inHANCE Small Business enables utilities to perform at levels comparable to larger utilities while delivering the enhanced service and value customers demand.

Built-in Report System

Never worry about having to invest in other reporting software. Exports in PDF, CSV, and other formats.

Quickbook® Integration

inHANCE Small Business offers the ability to export financial data using Quickbooks.

E-billing / Notifications

Interfacing with third-party vendors, inHANCE Small Business supports online payments and E-notifications.