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Cloud Self-service Portal for Utilities

inHANCE Cloud self-service portal for utilities is a low-cost, cloud-based customer service and billing software designed specifically for water utilities.  We have combined all the benefits of the cloud into an e-billing self-service application that is simple and easy-to-use for both utilities and customers.  Integration simplifies the billing process, and payment information is continuously exchanged, synchronizing with our Impresa utility billing solution and our self-service portal. The easy-to-use self-service portal interface provides a variety of KPIs that make it simple to keep track of customers’ payments and improve your payment cycle.  With email tracking you can see exactly when a user clicks on a bill. All of this functionality comes with a 24/7 up-time for customers to make payments at any time of day. inHANCE Cloud self-service portal for utilities is the software you’ve been looking for to streamline your operations and improve collections. 

self-service portal for utilities
cloud utility self-service portal

With Cloud self-service portal for utilities E-mail tracking, you'll know exactly when a customer reads a notice.

So, if you’re looking for a self-serve, ebilling portal that is available 24/7, then inHANCE Cloud is right for your water utility. When customers use inHANCE Cloud, they are able to make payments anytime, anywhere and on any device. With this software, you can free up your customer service representatives for higher priority tasks. And you give your customers the digital experience that they are looking for. You’ll streamline operations and shorten your collection cycle with inHANCE Cloud self-serve portal. 

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