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inHANCE Utility Solutions Division has been providing water and sewer utility billing software since 1976. Our core product, the Impresa CIS, was first introduced to the utility marketplace in 1998 by Sensus Metering Systems as “Oasis”. Sensus, a time-tested technology and communications company, provides cutting-edge data collection and metering solutions for utilities around the world. 

Introduced as a Y2K solution, Oasis was the first native Microsoft-SQL CIS application designed specifically for water and sewer utilities. Oasis was engineered to take full advantage of the resources offered by an MS-SQL solution, like flexibility, scalability, integration, and performance. In 2001, Sensus was acquired by Invensys, a global technology group. In the process, the product name changed from Oasis to inHANCE to reflect the new parent company.

As one of several ‘flagship’ Harris products, Impresa is continually redeveloping to keep customers equipped with cutting-edge technology. Additionally, Over 20% of our annual budget is allocated to R&D, and a rolling three-year development plan is part of our standard operation rules.

As a Microsoft Integrated Solution Vendor (ISV), our development staff excels at working with the latest tools and technology provided by Microsoft. To better meet the needs of our customers, our staff undergoes continued technology training for Microsoft SQL and holds numerous Microsoft certifications.

 Used by over 350 water and sewer utilities in the U.S., inHANCE has benefited greatly from its lineage of industry-leading, utility-specific technology innovators. Under the management of Harris Computer Systems, the market leader in North American utility customer information systems, inHANCE Utility Solutions delivers quality products in the present, while embracing future changes.

We invite you to join us as we experience tomorrow’s utility standard today.


As Executive Vice President of Product and Client Success, Andrew takes pride in turning business challenges into successful products. He has led teams creating and supporting platforms in many industries, including an inventory tracking system for a leading logistics supplier, an accounting platform managing hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, and many others. He believes that every decision should result in increased value for all parties.

As Vice President of Support Services, Danielle works diligently to implement strategies and tactics necessary for successful organizational growth. For more than 20 years, Danielle has led teams successfully in business development, customer engagement, event planning, and sales strategy execution in the software and technology market.  Danielle is highly organized and possesses the logistical and analytical skills needed to create dynamic, productive teams. 

Caitlin Freemark

Director, Sales and Marketing

As Director of Sales and Marketing, Caitlin brings over ten years of experience working with customer information, utility billing, meter data management and customer self service solutions.Highly energetic and empathetic, Caitlin is passionate about building and nurturing relationships, and creating solutions that align to the client’s evolving needs. In her role, Caitlin will support inHANCE’s existing client base to ensure each client receives a realized return on their software investment.

Marcus brings 10+ years of experience in software development, leading highly effective software teams, and has extensive knowledge in cyber security. He believes that by closely listening to the customer challenges and feedback, inHANCE can effectively deliver solutions that meet the exact customer’s needs. Marcus is committed to leading a development team that delivers innovative and reliable software.

Shaena Robertson

Director of Professional Services

Shaena Robertson holds the Director position at inHANCE Professional Services. With an extensive background of 26 years in the utilities industry, Shaena was previously a valued client of our company before joining our team. Her primary focus during customer interactions is to ensure clients fully utilize our software’s capabilities. Shaena’s role is characterized by her unwavering commitment to dignity, responsive service, collaboration, and excellence, which is clearly evident in her approach.


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