Utility Billing and Customer Information System

inHANCE is a CIS provider with flexible solutions that will fit your utility’s processes and procedures; we deliver an exceptional customer experience.​ Our Impresa solution will enhance all your customer service operations from “meter to cash” and simplify your complex billing and collections processes.

Impresa is a purpose-built, full-featured utility billing and customer information system designed for Water and Sewer utilities.

Coupled with our commitment to customer service and operational excellence, our Impresa solution will be a valuable asset to help you serve your customers and stakeholders.​ Unlike other software, Impresa will adapt to your utility’s individual needs.

  • Our solution will enhance your revenue stream by increasing the precision of your collection practices and creating more efficient work processes.​

  • Our business intelligence tools, along with our customizable & accurate reporting, will allow you to analyze business operations and take action as required.

  • Our flexible rate configuration solution makes complicated calculations straightforward and easy to execute.

  • Our customer scheduler simplifies recurring tasks through automation. Schedule and execute precise move-ins, move-outs, and update customer information and more using our Action Queue.


Our Customer Representative Dashboard places all the most important information your customer support team needs in one place.  This provides important client information at one’s fingertips, allowing for more effective customer engagement and satisfaction.

Our Business Intelligence tools, along with our customizable & accurate reporting, will allow you to analyze business operations and take action as required.

Impresa's Backflow Process allows you to designate locations that need to be inspected. This system can be used to generate listings and letters periodically to indicate the need for retesting.

Impresa’s powerful built-in Work Order solution makes creating, assigning, tracking and completing work orders much easier than the common method. With the FieldHawk mobile work order system, field technicians can update work orders from anywhere. 

Impresa allows you to automate recurring tasks and run them on a schedule that is user-defined.

Workflow Automations include:

    • Move-ins / Move outs
    • Transfers
    • Customer alterations
    • Print bills
    • Run Penalties
    • And More

Impresa is available in a Cloud Solution and gives our clients flexibility and mobility.  Our Cloud Solution is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure environment. Our solution is highly configurable, and screens can be tailored to suit user preferences.


Key Features :

    • Enhanced Security and Compliance 
    • Enterprise-grade Cloud Platform 
    • Scale As You Go & Reduce IT Cost
    • Single-Tenant or Multi-Tenant Configuration 
    • Predictable Monthly Cost
    • Always on the most current version of Impresa

We also partner with multiple solution providers to offer the following additional services:
    • Online Bill Pay & IVR Solutions 
    • Kiosk Solutions 
    • Print & Mail Vendor Solutions 
    • Customer Community & Engagement

“First and foremost, we are comfortable in a software that we know is going to grow with us and our industry. We feel that our requests and suggestions are valued. We were able to transition into inHANCE and take on several new responsibilities without our operations or customers suffering. We have been able to transition our inventory into the billing and work management system to better track and expense it. We rely on inHANCE for most all of our core business processes. Billing, work management, water loss, meter testing, reporting, cashiering, and inventory. We simply could not function without it.”