Efficiency Review

Efficiency Review to Improve Utility Business Productivity

Three-step process to evaluate your utility’s processess and procedures to maximize your productivity

We designed inHANCE CIS software to automate processes and streamline your operations. But if you’re not using all of its features and functions, then you may not be striking a balance between utilization and operational efficiency. 

Improve Customer Experience with Operational Efficiency.

inHANCE has over 46 years of business best practices that we built into our software. With each new update, we add new features that help water utility providers streamline operations, saving time and money. Our Efficiency Review will give you the business intelligence you need to be proactive and productive. We’ll provide you with an in-depth look at how your utility operates and how your CIS software can work better for you.

Efficiency Review Process

business utiliziation review
Utility Software Utilization Review

In this three-day, three-step process, we’ll show you how to balance efficiency with operations. An inHANCE Business Consultant (BC) works with your core team to understand your processes, procedures, and routines. You’ll have a comprehensive view of how your utility runs, and you’ll learn where users are spending most of their time and where you can make improvements. You’ll also learn about gaps in your productivity and learn new software features and functions that can streamline your operations, saving time and money.

“First and foremost, we are comfortable in a software that we know is going to grow with us and our industry. We feel that our requests and suggestions are valued. We were able to transition into inHANCE and take on several new responsibilities without our operations or customers suffering. We have been able to transition our inventory into the billing and work management system to better track and expense it. We rely on inHANCE for most all of our core business processes. Billing, work management, water loss, meter testing, reporting, cashiering, and inventory. We simply could not function without it.”


Who is the Efficiency Review for? Any utility that has been using our Impresa CIS software for 5+ years or had a significant change in personnel can benefit from having our business consultant perform a efficiency review for you. We’ll review your processes and procedures and show you have Impresa features and functions that can automate manual processes and make your team more efficient.  Does this sound like your utility? Click on the contact us button below to talk to our business consultants and learn how a efficiency review can streamline your operations. 

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