inHANCE Small Business

Utility Billing and Customer Information System

inHANCE is a Customer Information System provider with flexible solutions that will fit your utility’s processes and procedures; we deliver an exceptional customer experience.​ Our inHANCE Small Business utility billing solution provides the tools to enable utilities to serve a small community of customers, including standard and custom bill forms and financial management software. 

Whether you serve one hundred or five thousand households, inHANCE Small Business will increase efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Coupled with our commitment to customer service and operational excellence, inHANCE and our Small Business Solution is a valuable asset to help serve your customers and stakeholders.

  • Our solution will enhance your revenue stream by increasing the precision of your collection practices and creating more efficient work processes.​

  • Our report writer allows you to create custom reports for both printing and exporting. This customizable & accurate reporting will allow you to analyze your business operations.

  • Our flexible rate configuration solution makes complicated calculations straightforward and easy to execute.


Our inHANCE Small Business solution offers Customer Maintenance through customer contact and information screens to help you organize your customer data and have it available at your fingertips.

Our inHANCE Small Business solution provides Valuable Business Insights through our reporting software. You will be able to export report PDF, CSV, and other formats that will allow you to analyze business operations.

Our inHANCE Small Business has a user-friendly Work Order and Inventory system made to fit the needs of smaller utility companies. This solution makes creating, assigning, tracking, and completing work orders much easier than the common method.

Our inHANCE Small Business solution can interface with many of the leading General Ledger Software like Quick books and Sage 50 Accounting. You will be able to transfer your utility billing transactions to update your General Ledger software through our export processes.

We also partner with multiple solution providers to offer the following additional services:
    • Online Bill Pay & IVR Solutions 
    • Print & Mail Vendor Solutions 
    • Customer Community & Engagement

“First of all, I can’t tell you how much I love inHANCE Small Business!  It is extremely easy to learn, explain and I can just call your support, half-way tell them what I need a report to look like and the next thing I know, they have exceeded my expectations again!”
Craft-Turney WSC, TX