FieldHawk Mobile Platform

Mobile Work Orders/Service Orders

inHANCE is a CIS and Mobile Workforce software provider with flexible solutions that will fit your utility’s processes and procedures; we deliver an exceptional customer experience. With our FieldHawk mobile platform, your staff can easily create, download, process, and submit work orders from their Android mobile device.

Our FieldHawk product provides a high return on investment (ROI) through a practical solution that strips the redundant steps that double your staff’s work. Coupled with our commitment to customer service and operational excellence, our FieldHawk solution will be a valuable asset to help you serve your customers.

  • Our FieldHawk mobile platform streamlines operations between office staff and field technicians as they make and complete work orders.

  • Our FieldHawk mobile platform eliminates paperwork associated with manual work order processing, saving your utility time and money. Your Field Staff are able to immediately put in their notes in the field, reducing the need for double entry into your system.

  • Our FieldHawk mobile platform improves communication between Field staff and Office staff. Reducing paper allows more effective capture of information.

  • Our FieldHawk mobile platform provides real-time field tracking, which updates every 10 seconds. With the field crew having real-time access to electronic work orders, they are able to respond to service orders more quickly.


inHANCE's FieldHawk mobile platform is Fully Integrated with Impresa CIS Software. Impresa’s powerful work order solution makes creating, assigning, tracking, and completing work orders much easier than the common method. 

With the FieldHawk mobile Remote Work Order Management system your Field Technicians can update work orders from anywhere. Our solution will increase your staff’s efficiency by allowing remote users to process work orders automatically, immediately removing delays.

inHANCE's FieldHawk mobile platform has a Responsive User-Friendly UI. This practical system is simple to learn providing a fast implementation for your Field staff and Office staff.

inHANCE's FieldHawk mobile platform can use HTTPS protocol to communicate between tablets and databases providing safe and secure connection encryption.

inHANCE's FieldHawk mobile platform works with Android-Based Tablets, keeping initial implementation and maintenance costs low.