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Today’s small- to medium-sized water and sewer utilities need a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use system proven to serve their customers efficiently. No two communities are exactly the same, but all utilities need a utility billing software that streamlines operations and provides the correct information when it’s needed.  inHANCE offers everything you need to provide the best customer experience for your utility customers. 

With 48 years of experience in the water utility market & over 500 clients, inHANCE has proven solutions to tackle whatever complex utility billing challenge you face.  Designed specifically for water and sewer utilities, our utility billing solutions help you organize your customer data and provide valuable insights at your fingertips. Each customer’s critical information will be where your support team needs it, keeping operations flowing from one customer service call to the next.  And our reporting software will allow you to analyze business operations to increase efficiency and streamline processes. You’ll know what your team is working on, what customers need attention, and what you can do to provide the best possible customer experience. When you’re looking for dependable, cost-effective, practical utility billing software, you can trust inHANCE solutions.


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