inHANCE launches Customer Representative Dashboard in the newest release of Impresa Billing and CIS Software.

At inHANCE, we are always looking for ways to develop our solutions to provide the most value for our customers. With that initiative in mind, inHANCE is pleased to announce the release of our Customer Representative Dashboard.

In our newest release, the Customer Representative Dashboard is the opening screen of Impresa, displaying your customer’s essential information your employees require. Imagine the ease of use when your Customer Representatives don’t have to move from tab to tab to help your customers: your customer’s information is consolidated on one page.

For example, a customer calls to ask about their account. The Dashboard will display all the customer processes, such as payments, contacts, work orders, and action queue tasks. Your Customer Representative will see the name, account number, address, customer balance, payments, bills, work orders, contacts, and all the current billing and notice dates.

Your employees will be able to evaluate your customer payment behavior with the click of a button. Click on their bill to see if your customer has been penalized in the past, has NSFs, or if they are locked. In addition, the Customer Representative Dashboard presents the customer’s identifiers, so your team can quickly verify that the person they are speaking to is authorized on the account.

Our Customer Representative Dashboard supports your Customer Representatives to easily assist your customers allowing for more effective customer engagement and satisfaction.



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